The Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Recipe Book Has 370 Paleo Friendly Meals So You Can Jump Right On Board The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Recipe BookHave you ever wondered how to make your own clarified butter (ghee)?
Did you know there are two ways to render your own fat?
Would you like an 8 week meal plan along with a beautifully illustrated Herb & Spice guide ?
You will find the answers to these questions and more on the Paleo diet when you purchase ‘The Paleo Recipe Book’ by Sebastien Noel.  In this eBook bundle you will also receive for free another cookbook ‘Quick & Simple Paleo Meals’, a complete ’8 Week Meal Plan’, a very tasty dessert cookbook ‘Paleo Desserts’ and lastly a ‘Herb & Spice Guide’.
I really do enjoy cooking with Sebastien Noel’s eBooks and would also like to point out his website Paleo Diet Lifestyle - I thoroughly recommend you check it out! There is so much valuable information on eating a Paleo diet and in living the Paleo lifestyle too. All the information provided on his website is detailed and thorough, just like in his eBooks.
Before we take a look inside The Paleo Recipe Book, here is a brief video insight.
Just like it states in the video there are over 370 recipes that are divided into 18 food categories, enough options for what ever you fancy either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and for those periods in between when you are feeling peckish and want a snack. All 100% Paleo approved.
The benefits of eating Paleo is there are no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no unhealthy vegetable oils and no preservatives. So in not time you will begin to feel healthier and stronger and find yourself sleeping like a baby.
Cooking guides, charts and reference sheets
At the start of The Paleo Recipe Book is a handy conversion table along with a guide ontemperature and roasting times. I’ve laminated mine and keep them in the drawer in the kitchen. It is a little tip I picked up from a friend – laminating your reference charts, means they last longer and with one simple wipe they stay clean.
When starting out on the Paleo diet one of the first things you will come to understand is what are good fats and what are bad fats. The Paleo Recipe Book will briefly recap what fats we should be consuming with a little more information on what heat to be using when cooking with them. I simply love now that I have learnt how to clarify my own butter in making ghee, there are instruction on how to do this within the eBook. Also in rendering your own fat and the two different methods you can choose from. Animal fat, especially duck fat makes roasting and cooking your food so much more flavoursome.
18 Food categories with many delicious recipes
The 18 categories in The Paleo Recipe Book cover a wide range of foods from cooking with meat & poultry to stews & curries, fish & seafood, stir fries & soups, smoothies even making your own condiments, it is all in there. Each category with tasty recipes to try, here are a couple of  my favourites; ‘Duck al’orange’, ‘Lemon & garlic scallops’, ‘Honey-rosemary roasted figs’, ‘Coconut red snapper & pineapple salsa’, ‘Apple & fennel salad’, ‘Zucchini chips’, ‘Beetroot dip’, ‘Leek & sweet potato soup’, I recommend the ‘Citrus Pork marinade’ and I cannot drink enough of the ‘Pumpkin Smoothie’.
All the ingredients required for each dish are clearly listed, as too the instructions for the preparation involved and serving sizes.
Like to try fermenting and preserving your own fruit and vegetables?
Lastly there is a small section on Lacto-fermentation and preserving foods like sauerkraut, gherkins and pickles. I am yet to try this but have recently purchased some canning and preserving bottles so I cannot wait to make the Lacto-fermented peach chutney, of which I think would go perfect with a nice grilled piece of chicken.

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